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Teaching Team

The teachers at Quarry Hill are members of a cooperative team with equal input into the school's direction regarding curriculum planning, staff development, and parent relations. Love, trust, and open communication among the staff are essential to the success of Quarry Hill’s vibrant existence. Children and their families are the staff’s highest priority. We believe that the way the teachers work together at Quarry Hill is an effective and important role model for the children who attend. Our teachers participate in ongoing trainings throughout the year, utilizing in-service days for team-building as well as pursuing individual professional goals. Julie Barry, Emily Bridges, Samantha Farrell-Schmitt, Lizzy Woolf, and SuWhite make up our teaching team.


Julie Barry came to Quarry Hill first as a parent and volunteer before joining the teaching team in 2015. Julie brings to Quarry Hill a love of literacy in all of its forms and sees creating art, listening to and telling stories, and building and making all as integral parts of learning. When Julie isn’t at Quarry Hill she’s usually either off in the woods exploring with her own two Quarry Hill-ers or busy helping them find the materials to create what they see in their imaginations.



Emily Bridges joined the teaching team in September 2014. Emily has been a volunteer and substitute at Quarry Hill since her daughter attended. Emily loves reading books, cooking and being outside. She also teaches swim lessons in the summer.



Samantha Farrell-Schmitt joined the teaching team in September 2012. Samantha has a long relationship with Quarry Hill both as a parent and a morning teacher’s aide. Her youngest son Henry has been with Samantha as she has begun her time with us. Samantha loves working on projects with kids, reading books and being part of their social world at school.



Lizzy Woolf joined the teaching team at Quarry Hill School in Fall 2015 after moving to Addison County last Spring. She is passionate about helping children navigate the natural world around them through play and exploration. Lizzy loves being immersed in the mountains of Vermont, snowshoeing, eating veggies right from the garden, crafting, creating, and wandering.



SuWhite joined the teaching team at QHS in 1981 and took over as director when founder Susan Borg left in 1985. Sharing books and singing with the kids at school at Circle are favorite times of day for her. Her 2 sons, now in middle- and high- school, still return to the Quarry Hill School scene for family events and summer playgroups. Su is a singer in a 5 voice world music acappella group called Womensing and also co-directs the Allegro Choruses. Su lives with her family in an off-grid solar home in the mountains.